ASM International serve i professionisti dei materiali, il personale non tecnico, e dirigenti di tutto il mondo fornendo informazioni sui materiali di alta qualità, istruzione e formazione, opportunità di networking, e risorse per lo sviluppo professionale in formati convenienti e di facile utilizzo. ASM è dove gli utenti, i produttori di materiali, e i fabbricanti convergono per fare affari.


Di seguito elenco di tutti gli otto ASM Online Database disponibili:

ASM Alloy Center Database™ Get instant access to worldwide equivalencies for alloys, mechanical, physical and chemical property data, and corrosion characteristics in various environments. Access alloy data sheets, stress-strain curves, creep curves, time-temperature curves and other engineering graphs for thousands of significant alloy designations.

ASM Alloy Phase Diagram Database™ The Alloy Phase Diagram Database™ is a fully-searchable database containing over 40,300 binary and ternary alloy phase diagrams, each with their associated crystal and reaction data. Also includes all inorganic systems. The APD Center places the full breath and scope of available data on binary and ternary phase diagrams right on your desktop to assist with troubleshooting, manufacturing control, and the development of new materials.

ASM Failure Analysis Database™ 
Access over 1,000 case histories dealing with fracture, stress, strain, wear, corrosion, distortion, materials class or processing related failures from top journals and technical reports.

ASM Handbooks Online™
 ASM Handbooks Online™ is the industry's best known and most comprehensive source of information on ferrous and non-ferrous metals and materials technology. Packed with over 25,000 pages of articles, illustrations, tables, graphs specifications and practical examples, today's engineer can access peer-reviewed, trusted information in every area of materials specialization.

ASM Medical Materials Database™
 The ASM Medical Materials Database is the only comprehensive, peer-reviewed database providing a single source for materials data to support Surgical, Cardiovascular, Orthopaedic, and Neurological medical device design. The database features both materials properties and biological response data for medical device designers. The ASM Medical Materials database contributes to lower development costs and competitive advantage by consolidating a broad and necessary range of information critical to materials selection, product design and preparation of submissions.

ASM Micrograph Database™
 ASM Micrograph Database™ contains more than 4,000 micrographs, each with details about the material, processing history, specimen preparation and microstructure. Users can examine images, look for typical or optimal structures, or compare the effects of alloying or heat treating regimes on microstructures.

Corrosion Analysis Network™ 
The Corrosion Analysis Network™ is the most comprehensive and authoritative online source for researching, understanding, preventing and solving corrosion-related problems – in one, all-inclusive, easy-to-access database.

ASM International pubblica anche una serie di importanti riviste qui di seguito elencate:

Advanced Materials & Processes (AM&P) AM&P è gratuitamente consultabile online. Free issue July 2019
Electronic Device Failure Analysis (EDFA) EDFA è gratuitamente consultabile online. Free issue August 2019
International Thermal Spray & Surface Engineering (iTSSe)
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