Norme e pubblicazioni sulla Forgiatura (Forging)

Questa pagina contiene una selezione di norme, pubblicazioni, libri ed altre risorse documentali ed informative correlate alla forgiatura dei metalli che potete acquisire tramite Infodoc.

This page contains a selection of standards, publications, books and other documents and information resources related to metal forging that you can acquire through Infodoc.


ASM International


  • ASM Handbook, Volume 1: Properties and Selection: Irons, Steels, and High-Performance Alloys

    This volume includes information on the properties and selection of materials commonly used in forging processes, particularly irons, steels, and high-performance alloys.

  • ASM Handbook, Volume 11: Failure Analysis and Prevention

    This volume includes information on the failure analysis of forged components, helping to understand common issues and how to prevent them.

  • ASM Handbook, Volume 14A: Metalworking: Bulk Forming

    This volume provides comprehensive coverage of bulk forming processes, including forging. It covers the principles, practices, and applications of forging, along with detailed information on equipment, tooling, and materials.

  • ASM Handbook, Volume 14B: Metalworking: Sheet Forming

    While this volume focuses more on sheet forming processes, it also includes relevant information on forging techniques and practices.

  • Cold and Hot Forging: Fundamentals and Applications by T. Altan, G. Ngaile, and G. Shen

    Reviews the fundamentals of forging technology, the principal variables of the forging process and their interactions, and computer-aided techniques such as finite element analysis (FEA) for forging process and tooling design. Topics addressed include the flow behavior of the forged material under processing conditions; die geometry and die materials; friction and lubrication; the mechanics of deformation (strains and stresses); the characteristics of forging equipment; the geometry, tolerances, surface finish and mechanical properties of forgings; and the effects of the process on the environment.


ASME International

  • BPVC Section II-Materials-Part A-Ferrous Materials Specifications

  • BPVC Section II-Materials-Part B-Nonferrous Material Specifications

  • BPVC Section III-Rules for Constructions of Nuclear Facility Components-Subsection NCA-General Requirements for Division 1 and Division 2


ASTM International

  • ASTM Volume 01.05: Steel–Bars, Forgings, Bearing, Chain, Tool

  • MNL53-EB Steel Forgings: Design, Production, Selection, Testing, and Application

  • DS67D-EB Handbook of Comparative World Steel Standards, 5th Edition

  • STP903-EB Steel Forgings

  • STP1042-EB Residual and Unspecified Elements in Steel

  • STP1259-EB Steel Forgings: Second Volume




This book is a manual of Open Die Forging Technology and associated Failure Analysis, based on practical experience, and is intended for the preparation of operational technologies for various forgings (bars of round, square and flat sections, discs, blocks, shafts, spindles, rings, bushings, rolls, etc.) made of special and alloyed steels.